How tent city helpers began...

Tent City Helpers

Getting to the Heart of Homelessness


"So, what are you going to do about that?"

Just before Christmas, in Dec 2015, Stacey and Tony Solomon's youngest son posed a simple question after seeing two school aged girls enter the woods near a busy shopping center and learning they were "going home" - "So what are you going to do about that?" was his question. He didn't realize, as many of us didn't realize, homeless people were trying to survive in wooded areas all throughout our county. They had no idea as to the degree and magnitude of this issue right here in our little hamlet. 

In less than two weeks time, our first initiative of bringing aid to these people transpired. It happened with a great outpouring of support from people both in our community and far away. Tent City Helpers came into being Dec 20th, 2015 as carloads (completely stuffed to their roofs with supplies) and LOTS of helpful hands joined together to go into the woods.

Tent City Helpers became incorporated as a not-for-profit business June 30, 2016, and we obtained our federal nonprofit status Aug 24, 2016. 

We are a group of fellow concerned citizens in Martin County, FL - now over 1400 members strong in five years. Our mission is to shine a light on the homeless population in our area, assist in meeting the homeless' immediate needs and work towards organizing appropriate housing for the homeless men, families, and women in our local area.