Highlights of 2021

​3.) We made and distributed hand sanitizer at the beginning of the pandemic when they disappeared from the stores and one couldn’t buy them. We sourced the raw ingredients from chemical companies and bottled a batch of sanitizers that we distributed to the homeless. Lowes also contributed by donating 2 cases of hand sanitizer.

​​​Tent City Helpers has helped the homeless in Martin County in 2021 with several projects for the benefit of this underserved community. With the threat of COVID we implemented several projects to safeguard the homeless.

​1.) WE hired a carpenter and he made us Hand Washing Stations with 5-gallon water bottles, 5-gallon buckets were used and donated by Lowes of Stuart, to catch dirty water, soap and paper hand towels.  We distributed it to various camps and areas where homeless congregate.

​6.) We have helped some of our homeless friends with no Florida Identification acquire their I.D. and then their stimulus checks. 

7.) We have met with City Commissioners in regard to finding a place on City or County owned land that would be a legal place for our houseless community to camp. We have attended City and County Commissioner meetings that have to do with affordable housing.

5.) We have individuals, families and several groups volunteering to make snack bags for us, among them several nursing homes/rehab centers that are making us snack bags monthly to distribute to our homeless friends.

2.) Chris England volunteered to make us camping toilets, with a 5-gallon bucket, camping toilet seat, bags, toilet paper, hand basin, soap, and  a hand made trowel.

Tent City Helpers

Getting to the Heart of Homelessness


​4.) We provided masks for our homeless friends had them to keep safe. We made some and had members of the community make masks for us. The doctors, nurses and staff at Cleveland Clinic North organized a donation drive for masks and other sundries.