Tent City Helper Style

Tent City Helpers

Getting to the Heart of Homelessness





Those serving during our TAKE-OUT events are limited to a select few volunteers. 

​For the safety and privacy of our friends in the woods, we limit the number of Helpers attending.

This activity is closed to the public in order to protect the privacy and dignity of those we serve.
The various locations of the homeless we serve is never disclosed.



Weekly, we serve our homeless friends nutritious food, offer necessities, and more importantly, fellowship with one another. We serve those unable to get to local soup kitchens due to poor health, lack of transportation, etc, where they are living, in the woods. 


Tent City Takeout is one of our tremendous opportunities to build relationships with our homeless friends, discover ways in which we may be of assistance, provide some necessities, share a few laughs and words of encouragement, lend a hand and above all else simply let them know they matter, they are not forgotten, they are not alone and they are loved. We do this with the goal of helping them find their way out of the woods. ~ This is our mission.

Please check out our Takeout Calendar & sign up! We need volunteers to pitch in for this weekly outreach event by making SNACK BAGS! TCH SNACK BAGS will have nonperishable food/beverages in them and be handed out during Takeout. (Click on the RED PLATE for more details.)

Don't want to make bags? How about donating nonperishable snack items? Unity Church of Martin County is a drop off location for SNACK BAG ITEMS: TUES - FRI 10A - 3P @ 211 SE Central Parkway, Stuart, FL 34994.

If you are able to make a financial donation to help in making our Monday Takeout possible, please click the "DONATE" button above. Thanks in advance!